War Memorial at St Nicholas'

Second World War

Please note the names are listed here alphabetically, but are listed by unit on the memorial.

Ashford, Harry Bernard Sutton

Died 1943. Gunner in the Royal Artillery.

Lived at 50 Lagham Road, South Godstone.  Buried at Tripoli, Libya.

Brain, Donald

Died 1943.  Major in Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.

Husband of Lucy Brain of Bransfield, Church Lane, Godstone.  Buried at Moro River Cemetery, Italy

Burchell, Frank Arthur

Died 1943.  Buried at Minturno in Italy.

Charlton, Herbert Percy Durtnall

Died 1943.  Sergeant in the RAF VR.

Lived at 33 Lagham Road, South Godstone.  Buried at St Nicholas', Godstone.

Charman, Wilford Harry

Died in 1943.  Bombardier in the Royal Artillery.

Lived at Wonham Cottages between Godstone and South Godstone.  Buried at Yokohama, Japan.

Chipperfield, William EA

Coote, Arthur

Died in 1944.  Buried at Berlin, Germany.

Daniels, David JA

Davis, Geoffrey CC

Gibson, Frederick

Hoare, Gerard Stephen Philip E

Hoare, Robert G

Humphrey, Cecil

McClintock, John Leopold Elphinstone

Died in 1941.  Buried at Dunfermline.

Powell, Peter E

Pragnell, Peter John

Died in 1944.  Bombardier in the Royal Artillery.

Lived at Stoneways, High Street, Godstone.  Also recorded on the Plymouth Naval Memorial.

Sears, Donald Frederick

Died in 1940.  Also recorded on the Dunkirk Memorial.

Skilton, Charles G

Smith, Hector E

Ward, Edward

Whitehead, Robin M

Whittaker, Norman

Wickham, Basil D

Woodhouse, Oliver G

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